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Senior Business Associate

As a part of customer delight, LIC started many innovative steps to give much better service to the customers. With this concept, LIC of India introduced The Senior Business Associate Scheme, with effect from first June 2009. Senior Business Associates were selected from all India top performing senior Development Officers on basis of performance and interview. LIC Tirur Branch Development Officer, Sri. M. Babu was the first SBA of Kozhikode Division.

Functions of SBA

1. Perform basic duties and obligations as a Development Officer.

2. SBA’s are authorized to :

   carry out market oriented/customer oriented functions through         online portal from Office.
   Collect Renewal Premiums from all policyholders.
   Collect Proposal Deposit transactions from agents under his         organization.
   Register Proposals of agents working under his organization.
   Submit Proposals of agents working under his organization         through Electronic Media (E Proposals).

3. As a value addition, The Senior Business Associate’s are allowed to do the following add-on functions:

   Issue policy dockets
   Issue Revival/Loan/Surrender value quotations
   Issue forms
   Issue of Certificates to the policyholders for income tax purpose
   ULIP Statements.


Sri. Austin Varghese (SBM)


Dear LIC-SBA Sri.Babu,

Only you have the courage to begin a tremendous venture like this.. a glittering SBA office that's really tempting and that which pulled me inside like a magnet. To my mind you are a visionary who transforms all your visions into reality at the earliest available opportunity with a futuristic turn of mind. Your adventurous spirit to dwell into the unknown territories are mind boggling. The amount of energy and enthusiasm you have generated in others from your energy and enthusiasm are unbelieveable. I am there always with you to support you and see you as the Icon of LIC-SBA.

Regards to YOU & your Agents

Yours truely

Austin Varghese
Sr.Branch Manager